Monday, May 08, 2006

Congrats to my daddy for getting 4:24 in his Vancouver marathon!!!! Yay! You did great dad, very proud!

The most recent picture of dad and me that I have on the computer. Stolen from one of his three blogs. Go visit, kay? He's an excellent writer.

I need some more pictures of us dad!

I know I have alot to post about knitting-wise right now, but I don't feel like it.

I just wanted to say that my nephew is my hero and he rocks, even if he is only two years old.

Oh, I guess I do have some knitting news. I got a bazillion knitting books from the library, I finally got my interweave knits trial mag, and I got an elann newsletter with the really nice synthetic samples in it, I especially like the micro-cable. Oh, and also, I started my dads blue socks again, I've got about four/five rows of the ribbed cuff done... I'm writing everything down so that I can do the second the exact same. I've got to learn the two socks on two circs thing, but first I have to find two circs that are small enough.

I've also been looking, when I get the chance, for really short circs for socks, that would be so cool. I think I found some too, at Make One, I think they were twelve inches. Longer than I thought they would need to be but I think now, they'd be ok. I just have to go back with money and buy them...

By the way, I went to Make One yarn studio with my dad, it was awesome! Alot of Lorna's Laces and even sari silk! I haven't seen sari silk anywhere else yet. It's a very nice store, dad fell asleep on their white leather couch in front of the coffee table buffet of yarn, bowls of brightly colored mohair and sock yarn I think. I definately have to go back and get those circs and some nice sock yarn to make my self a pair of socks.

Guess what! I moved into my basement! I just moved my computer down a couple hours ago and I love it down here. It gets a little chilly down here at night but it's perfect in the middle of the day, I also got a bigger (double) bed so now both my cats (and me!) can fit on it, cool huh? I so love having my own space, room for my yarn (a whole bookcase actually) and even space for friends. I have a couch thing and two rocker chairs and the boxes that come out from under my coffee table will have cushions on them for more seats. The only downfalls are the temperature at times and the fact that there's no bathroom down here so, to take a shower, I have to go up two flights. Not so bad if I take my showers at night. (I'll post some pics of the place another time)

So I guess I did feel like typing some stuff... Anyways, I'm uber-tired and I'm zoning out really lots. So good-night/morning...

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