Friday, December 22, 2006

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and say that, yes, I am still alive. And also to say:

LOOK WHAT I FREAKING GOT!!!!!Bahahahaha... So awesome.... It's and Ashford Kiwi. I even started spinning some wool last night! This was a present (!) from my Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Shane and Aunt Kim. BTW: Wendy, that part that Gracie (dog) so lovingly chewed on is the part that keeps the bobbin stationary while the rest of the wheel is spinning. It is important but it still pretty much does it's job anyways, I'll still have to check if i can get a replacement for it. This wheel needs to be finished. (stained/varnished) But I don't know if I need to take the whole thing apart to do that or what. Any ideas?

I'm finding spinning really fun so far, I just need to remember to draft first and Jesus Murphy, don't stop pedalling. It also doesn't work too well on hardwood, it kept sliding away from me last night. I kept having to grab it and pull it back just as I got into a rhythm.

So it's almost Christmas and I only have three presents done... Um. I'll get there I guess.

Anyways, I've been doing some yarn shopping lately. (Gotta love that paycheck... oh yeah, I got a job, that hasn't been mentioned on here yet, has it?) Lets start with the beautiful Artyarns Ultramerino 4:The top is color 141 and the bottom is 114. (weird?) I am absolutely in love with this stuff.... It's so soft and I just love the colors. So autumny... I shall make beautiful socks with this here yarn...

This is Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. Two balls each of 1020 Nighthawk and 1160 Scotch Broom. These will be used to make Eunny's Endpaper Mitts.

Um kaybyenow.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ho hum... I just got back from a trip to the mailbox to check for my copy of Interweave knits. Subscribers in the United States seem to have received their's already, last week on thursday or friday. I've decided to make a trip to the mailbox every day until I get it. If it comes really late like last time, I will be reporting it. On further review, it wasn't all that heinously late. It still should have come before the tenth though, it was on newsstands one the eighth. I mean, you ship out on the first, it takes a day or two for it to get to the Americans, then it should only take another day or two to get to Canada!

I also wore my single skully mitten to the mailbox... I don't think I'm going to make the other one. It's not very warm. I got a total sinking feeling when I felt the cold wafting through the apparently lacy little mitt. Bummer...

I gone now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two in one day? What the hell.

This is really a pretty pointless post, but I just remembered something.

Last night I had a dream about fondant... Or maybe it was icing. Actually, it might have been kind of a mix of the two....

PS I'm really into this song right now. It's Falling Away From Me by koRn. Actually, it's mostly twenty specific seconds of the song, about two minutes and thirty seconds in, there's a really great harmonic thing they do. I like koRn. The whole song is good, but I like those twenty seconds best. Some other good koRn songs are 'Twisted Transistor', 'Thoughtless', and they do a really awesome (pretty!) cover of 'Another Brick in the Wall'. prettyprettypretty...


I got bored...

MyHeritage - share your family tree and family pictures" target="_blank">
Anna Paquin looks anemic... and Fiona Apple and Christina Applegate look like crackwhores... Great, I look like an anemic crackwhore! Yay...

ETA oops, it doesn't really fit, does it?... oh well, you get the point

I did it again with another photo... NOw it tells me I look like Charlize Theron (yay!) and nine other men! (whaaa??)

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I miss the Logan-ator...

I've watched that movie at least four times today. It just makes me so giddy.

So I kinda forgot just a little about blogger... I've been busy. Lots of baking... Other stuff too.

First up; the Lemon and Almond Damp Cake
It turned out really great. If your still having trouble figuring out what a 'damp' cake is, think of it as the kind that's moist enough that you can smush the leftover crumbs together. In this picture you see it with some pink lemonade (I think I was on a dangerous lemon kick that day.)

Next up; Lemon curd.This was good too. Unlike the cake, I still have most of this left. (the cake is all gone now) I ended up using the measurements form this recipe and the instructions from this one. The reason being, not only would the second one give me waaay too much curd, but how the hell am I supposed to know how many lemons I need to make 12 tbsp of juice and 12 tsp of zest?! This also took forever to cook because you have to wait for it to thicken on the lowest heat setting (because was using a regular saucepan, not a double one) and, as we all know, Katie is not a patient girl.

I have been working on things, more Christmas stuff. I've started the red alpaca project. Taken the proejct taking up my size 3 DPNs of them and now that yarn is lying in wait too. I've got three projects going that are for me, the orange socks, a garter-stitch scarf out of the hemp leftover from the maze hat and a garter-stitch scarf on the second-biggest needles I own out of two strands of thrifted blue mohair.

This picture was supposed to be of my cats, but the garter-stitch scarf is in there so I figured I'd post it.

I've also been shopping all day. Online. It started with looking for Green & Blacks chocolate, then looking at a Fair Trade site I came across, then feverishly looking for some bloody store that ships the damn stuff to friggin Canada!!!! My god... I finally found one... it's a messy and disorganized site, but it ships to Canada.

Badum, I'm done.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Tomorrow, I'd like to be busy busy busy. I've finished my schoolweek so I'd like to take tomorrow to bake all day. Mom and I are going grocery shopping when she gets home tonight. I'm getting ingredients for lemon curd (so excited), Lemon and Almond cake (if I can't find something just lemons) and I'm going to try to find some frosting for some cake mixes that I plan to use up, they've been sitting in the pantry for years. I think I'll make the butter pecan mix, do the Betty Crocker officials make butter pecan icing? I imagine I'll find something that will work. Boy, I'm excited.

I've been doing a lot of recipe hunting lately, everything good I find seems to be English (as in British-English). It's all grams and ounces and odd ingredients that I've never heard of. Although, part of the reason I've never heard of these things is because I'm not very experienced in the kitchen. I do love to bake though. My dad and I just had a conversation on how much 350g of butter was in any Canadian form of measuring. I know were supposed to be metric, but I use cups and such. I used google calculator (just type the conversion you want into the regular google field, eg: 3 inches in cm) and it tells me that 350g is about 0.77 lbs, so my dad says 2/3 of a lbs might be right. My math is just atrocious. And whats golden syrup? What's it made of? I discovered the other day, what caster/castor sugar is, it's called superfine here (much less elegant, if you ask me) and my mom tells me it can be a trial to find. I think maybe almond essence and extract are the same thing, but who knows, maybe essence is different? It sounds a little bit more magical. I don't think this is an English-specific thing but I thought raisins and sultana's were the same thing, like sultana raisins (I think it's just my food ignorance, when I first read sultanas, I thought of saltines). And I still always smile when I see 'bicarbonate of soda,' I'm just so Canadian, you know?

In knitting news, I've finished the project of the DB Cashmerino yarn, it made me nervous too, I really thought I was going to run out of yarn. I've also casted on for a pair of orange socks, just for me. More yarn that was originally bought for a Christmas present, this time for some socks for dad, but I decided that was too ambitious and now I'm making them for myself! I need to do more things for myself every once in a while. I'll try to have a picture of them next post.

I've been having trouble with my left eye since yesterday. My vision through it has been tunnel-like in that I can only clearly see a spot and everything else is blurry. Maybe my vision is going in that eye (boo!) but I just happened to see this episode of House on TV the other day with this Autistic kid who ended up having a parasite and his vision was all screwy and he was choking and throwing up (only my vision has been screwy) but this is just me being silly. It's probably just a sty. I'm fairly sure it isn't just something in my eye because I've been trying to get it out for two days with no success. But a sty sounds right because my eye has actually developed a puffy red spot now... yay, I need to find my eye stuff... Now I'm just talking to myself.

I'm done for today, I need to go make myself dinner, mom won't be home to eat with me tonight, she's busy doing all kinds of stuff, none of which I can remember...

Monday, October 16, 2006


Calgary has had it's first official snow today... or last night maybe.I'm not ready! I need to finish the project on my size three needles so I can make my other skully mitten! That and I need to find some winter boots, I have a pair, but I'm starting to really not like them so I think I'll return them. Boo.

Christmas Yarn! Christmas Yarn! C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Yarn Yarn Yarn!

Black and orange Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (I figure it's okay to tell you the brand as long as I keep the weight a secret)
Does it look too Halloweeny? Snark, I hope it doesn't. Maybe it's just because it's that time of the year. Maybe it won't look so Halloweeny at Christmas. This yarn is really nice to work with, and it's so velvety soft knitted up!

Acrylic/Wool/Alpaca/Viscose blend. Grey-blue color with little flecks throughout.

This stuff is soooo coooool...
It's 50/50 Wool/Acrylic. There's a special technique to knitting with it, you stick your needle right into the tape! The technique is actually a little tedious, but I hope it will be easier.

That's it for today, just a wee one. Ba-Bye!

Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm alive! Come back!

Okay, I may have been gone a while but I'm back, armed with a turkey sandwich (with lotsa Frank's Red Hot sauce) and I'm ready to talk.

A lot of crap has happened lately, I switched schools for starters. I've just finished my first week of Discovering Choices, an alternative high school program. It's going pretty good, it's hard to judge it yet, only being a week in, but I have a good feeling about it.

I've also been doing a tonne of knitting, but I can't blog about most of it because it's Christmas knitting.

(damn that sandwich was good)

Here's the stuff I can tell you about.

Remember this stuff?
Well it's not Christmas Yarn anymore, I originally wanted to use it to make a felted bag for my sister, but I'm not up to designing anything this year, too much work. I've already got a replacement in mind. This yarn is now becoming and Aran Pillow. It's going quite well so far.
This picture shows the actual color oo the yarn much better. This one is with the variegated stuff, I'll be making one in the plain green too. You can't really see the cables in this picture, maybe I'll get one in natural light another day. You see the chevrons on the side? I never even noticed that until I took the picture, neat huh?

I finally found a use for one of the first yarns I ever bought, Madge! This pattern is written specifically for handspun yarn, so I figured thick and thin yarn would be perfect. Here's version 1.
I lost the ball band for this stuff eons ago. I think I saw it at Gina Brown's though so I'll check it out and let you know. I really love the color, limey-green with brown spots. It's soft too, unfortunately, the hat it a tad short... It still looks okay though.

Then I figured, well this pattern is made for handspun, why don't I use handspun? So I did, I used the biggest skein of handspun that I got from my aunt Wendy. (remember this post? it's number one in the picture)Pretty! Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn three tiny friggin rows from being done. I swtiched to another handspun yarn in the same-ish color family that Wendy gave me (number 10) and finished it off.It looks.... nipple-like.... I'm hoping that, if I dye the 'nipple' with some ice blue kool-aid, it'll blend in better. Weird...

Now for some Christmas Yarn!
Some dark-bright blue 100% Superwash Wool (superwash means it's machine-washable) Already half-way through a ball (I got three) on it's project.

Some abso-friggin-lutely gorgeous hand-dyed, pink, 100% Alpaca... soooo soft. The project for this yarn is completely finsihed, except for maybe a little steam-blocking. This stuff is like butta!

Last, as I promised, a picture of my baby blanket scarf and the brooch I gave my granny together. They just seem to go...

Tomorrow I should be getting the last three sets of yarn from Gina Brown's for presents.

Oh yeah, Gina Brown's isn't hiring right now either...


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You know your a knitting nerd when...

...the first thing you do after you get home from school is open up blogger to post about what? Well, knitting, of course.

On Sunday, I phoned Make One just to make sure that they got my email and resume, the woman I spoke to (I'm so sorry, I'm absolutely horrible with names) said that she didn't really take care of the email stuff so she'd ask Amy and get back to me. I got a call as soon as I got home today from them, they can't really hire anyone right now (which I pretty much already knew, Amy said they'd just hired three new people) but they'll keep my resume handy in case they get really busy in the fall and need more people. The woman I talked to today (I'm pretty sure it was the same girl, again, horrible with names) said that they were always looking for new teachers though. Wow, it's a great idea, but... I'm such a novice, what would I teach that anyone wouldn't already know? That and, would anyone want to be taught something by a teenager? Pondering commences.

Look what I did yesterday after school! My mom bought me a poster from IKEA a while back. But, like any good child, I'm more interested in the box the toy came in! Or rather, the big sheet of cardboard that the poster came wrapped with. Look what I did with it:

It's far from done, when it is done (that wont be for a long while) it'll have a border of bottle caps (they're like fortune cookies) with the inside all being the labels. Jones Soda=Yum Forever.

This used to be an ugly pink sweater, now it's a pile of nice pink yarn, fingering or lace weight I think. I have no idea what the fiber content is, there was no tag on the sweater. It's got a halo like wool does, I'm pretty sure it's got some acrylic content, but it's got this really nice shine to it too, to much shine for acrylic, so I'm thinking maybe some silk in there as well?

I want to wait until I get a niddy-noddy to skein and wash this stuff. I might have to make one, I have a very small budget right now, I need to save up for my Halloween costume. but yeah, I want to try and fit that all into one skein, does that seem viable?

What else... knitting knitting... Oh, dad I took your sock off the needles because I need them for a Christmas present, don't worry, as soon as I'm done, they'll go back on. They have to because I just joined Socktoberfest 2006!

Yay! This is a great KAL for me, I have a lot of unfinished socks on hold at the moment, as well as half pairs.

I've been working on the razor cami a lot, it doesn't seem to be growing... I made a boo boo a couple rows back that I didn't have the energy to go back a whole row and fix, I might drop the stitch and fiddle with it later, but I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about doing that with a yarn over column. What I did was accidentally make an extra yarn over, so to fit it, I just knit two together, but now it looks funny. I'm worried about dropping it and just making a weird, big yarn over there... It's difficult to explain, and the more I try, the less it makes sense so never mind.

The weathers been getting chillier around here lately, I smell my first sweater coming around the corner. I must finish all of my Christmas projects first though, gah! So hard to resist.

I forgot to mention, on Sunday, I visited Gina Brown's near Chinook Mall. It's a wonderful place, I wish I had had more time to look around, but we had to get going to my hair appointment. They have a ton of yarn there, really nice stuff, not bad prices either. I think I'll send Diana my resume today and apply there as well, they look like they could use some help. The only complaint about this place was from my dad, 'they need couches,' he says. Ha! How great is that? He usually gets a nap a Make One on the big, white, leather couch. (that is a nice couch!) Oh well, at least this time he was involved in the process, he really loved all the bright colors that they had, he loves bright colors.

By the way dad, I figured out your Christmas present, no I'm not telling, but I think you'll like it... You'd better. :)

I never know how to conclude these things so... conclusion!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here We Go

I just found the best new way to post pictures... it's so bloody simple. Thanks Flickr! Just copy and paste! Yes.... So happy now.

This is my giant chocolate bar. Seriously, it's 4" x 9", I measured it. It's so delicious. Its orange flavoured milk chocolate, with nougat crisps in it. I wish I could share it with you all, I probably could too, with some to spare. Swedish people are brilliant, I got this from IKEA.

I like orange chocolate a lot, my first orange chocolate experience was a very good one, making everything after it also good, it was a dark chocolate covered orange peel, so very good, Bernard Callebaut.

These are some very skinny, bright pink taper candles. I think they're absolutely adorable. I really love candles, I have a tonne of them too. At IKEA they sell refills in packs just like they sell their regular tapers. Here you can see them still attached by the umbilical cord.

Another Before and After picture. On the left are my three little plants, an avocado pit (it hasn't sprouted yet), a begonia (I think that's what it is, I always forget), and my ornamental pepper plant (the coolest plant ever, its got purple, red, yellow and orange baby peppers. You don't eat them though). Before they only had their plastic pots and some drain plates that I stole from our actual dishes.

On the left, you see them after, they are now in brightly colored pots/drain plates. The pots act as drain plates because they just suspend the existing pots and hide them at the same time, the plastic pots fit in perfectly. There's one in pink, blue, green and orange. And no your not crazy, there is one more plant there, it a baby tree with a braided trunk. At IKEA they sell them about teenager sized too, but this is much more reasonable for my space. I think the new pots compliment the plants well, pink for the yellow begonia, blue for the avocado (which will just be green when it sprouts), green for the peppers (they have so much color themselves, green works well) and orange for the plain green braided tree. I really need to stake that tree though, it got a little pushed over on the way home from IKEA.

Now for a new, extra big, issue of Christmas Yarn!

Above, you can see some 100% wool yarn, one is an earthy green (much warmer than in the picture), the other is the same kind of yarn, but variegated. It's got the same green with brown and taupe.

This is a beautiful 100% alpaca yarn, the color is pretty dead on, maybe a little darker, I had to use the flash.

Same yarn, but in a very rich red, it's not blindingly bright, which is good, but it is still very striking. It's quite lovely.

This Christmas Yarn series has had me pining for a camera with macro mode... For the relatives out there reading this, this camera is on my wish list. Of course, I don't really expect to get it, let's be realistic, is anyone going to spend 300 bucks on one gift? Yeah I don't think so.

Yesterday I made my own google map! Go see! I've mapped out all of the yarn stores that I've been to in Calgary. At first, I had all the yarn stores I had heard about too, but in the posts, I put reviews and I didn't like not being able to review those places that I hadn't been. I might put them back later if I can find a way to make them a different color or something.

And, is it just me? Or does anyone else think that an all-American 49 year old should know the difference between 'through' and 'threw?' It's unfortunate people with good, wealthy lives should be so uneducated. (no, I'm not talking about all people with good, wealthy lives, just one in particular whom I will not disclose)

I have recently found this blog called 'Abusing of God's patience and the King's English.' I don't quite understand the title, but I find her absolutely hilarious. I found her through an article in the new Knitty and she made me laugh endlessly there as well. (that article is very good but the technique she teaches just makes my eyes glaze over, it's so very complicated, I must learn it) And she can spell! Well, Jesus, she better be able to, she does write for Merriam-Webster after all. (how cool is that?) I'd love to play Scrabble with her, what a fun challenge that would be! (although I would insist on myself having a dictionary and not her)

I believe I'm finally done, learned some great stuff today.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Umm, I lied?

Okay, so this isn't 'tomorrow' per say. But at least it's happening, right?

I'll start at the beginning.

In a minute. First, I must tell you about the dinner that mom and I had tonight. Made entirely from my recipes.Alright, so the pictures don't really make it look too appetizing, bad lighting... mediocre camera. (sorry dad, I definitely couldn't live without it but it is from air miles after all)

It's my two signature dishes. Well, my only dishes really. My avocado burgers and my 'magic mushrooms.' Let's start with the burgers (picture on the lower-left, sorry about the mayo in the way.), These are just regular ground beef with diced onions and avocados mixed in. The greener the avocado, the better, as it softens up quite a bit when grilled. This is a good thing for me because, as of late, we have had a crappy (and expensive) avocado selection, they are all very under-ripe and hard. Today, there were either hard, bright green ones, or nearly purple, deflated basketball-like ones. FYI: when choosing an avocado for anything else (ie. guacamole) you should look for a dark green color and a very slightly soft feel when you squeeze it. If you have never tried an avocado, I encourage you to do so, they are wonderful. I also encourage you to try my recipe.

Next, the mushrooms. They're really nothing special at all, only three ingredients and a frying pan or skillet. You have your mushrooms, sliced. I usually buy them whole and then slice them because there aren't as much that way, you can pack a lot of sliced mushrooms into those little blue boxes, too much. Turn the heat on to just over medium, olive oil your pan or skillet, (I usually use my electric grill which is pretty much just a skillet, but mom was using it to cook the burgers tonight) throw your mushrooms in, drown them in olive oil, (and I do mean this literally, I love my olive oil. If you find a dry spot, soak it.) and just shake some celery salt over the whole shebang. If your using a frying pan, toss them around a bit, keep them moving, they should only take about five or less minutes. They'll be a little brown and they'll have reduced quite a bit. (I know 'reduce' isn't the right word, that's for liquids, what the bloody word?) If you don't have celery salt, (I didn't tonight, it mysteriously disappeared on me, I searched hi and lo.) you can just use that 'seasoning salt' that you see all the time, or you can just use salt and pepper, I imagine that would work as well. Oh yes, did I mention I love olive oil? I really do mean it, drown your mushrooms in the stuff, it makes the meal, and olive oil's good for you, don't you know?

I plan to write these up on Ysolda recipe cards as soon as I get new ink cartridges, aren't they just darling?

Also, later this week, I plan to make salmon steaks with avocado puree. That was inspired by the smoked salmon and avocado sorbet that Anna spoke about. I shall have pictures, and they will still be mediocre but I plan to get a new camera soon...ish. It will be wonderful, the meal and the camera.

So, knitting! Lots of it! Two finished scarves... uhhh, well that's a lot to me. I could have sworn I'd done more than that. Maybe I've just forgotten it. Here goes.

The striped blanket that you see on the right is a baby blanket that I've had all my life. I don't remember who it was from, I think it was my aunt Wendy. (drop me a line, Wendy, if you recognise it.) I deciphered the stitch pattern (which I am so very proud of myself for doing) and I made it into a scarf one repeat wide. I stash-busted the yarn, it's really a beautiful color, grey-blue-green. This is a really meaningful scarf for me, with the stitch pattern being from the blanket that I still sleep with sometimes and the fact that the scarf goes perfectly with a brooch that I gave my recently passed granny when I was a child, my mother brought it back from the funeral for me. I'll have a picture of it with the scarf at a later date.

The stitch pattern is as follows:
Over a multiple of 29 stitches
*k2, yo, k4, k2tog, ssk, k4, yo, k1, yo, k4, k2tog, ssk, k4, yo, k2 repeat from * to end of row

Next up is my Yorick scarf. Remember that Highland Wool from Elann? The stuff destined to be the NIN bag? Yeah, that project has been turfed for now. If I decide to try it again it'll be just a felted bag with the design needle felted on. The purple has been turned into a Yorick. I'm quite taken with it, I've already worn it a few times. Yeah, we've have some crappy weather lately. Cold and rainy, but no snow yet.
I'm going to use the charcoal Highland Wool to make another one, to match my skull and cross bone mittens.

I've got to show you the stencil graffiti that I found on the bike path that I take home. I like it, it's George Bush with a gun target sprayed around him. Now keep in mind, I don't hate all Americans, just George Bush and his groupies.I love graffiti, stencils are my favourite. There's a great one that I need to get a picture of on a pedestrian overpass on the way to the movie theatre from my dad's house.

Speaking of which, I went to stay at my dads on friday night, we met at Eau Claire mall for a movie. We were early, so we went to Good Earth and got some dinner, he got a beef panini and coffee, I got a grilled cheese with Canadian cheddar (tasty) and some organic lemonade (also tasty), I love me some grilled cheese and lemonade.

The theatre didn't open for another 45 minutes so I stopped at Amos & Andes, beautiful handmade clothes, jewelery and other cool stuff, while dad went to look for a birthday card at Card Shark.
And I spent ten bucks on funny gum:

Gay GumOn the front it says 'Gay Gum, straight from the USA.' On the back, it says 'If It's Gay Gum, Its Got Great Taste." The sides say 'Easy to Handle, Compact Package' and 'Perfect After a Hard Day.' It's even fruit flavoured! I got cus it's just hilarious.

Emo Kid GumI got this mostly to show my friends at school, I think they'd find it hilarious. On the sides it says 'For Those About to Hug, We Salute You' and 'Specially Formulated for Those With Sensitive Souls.' It's mint. Yeah, if you don't get the Emo thing, I don't blame you, only people from the age of 13 to maybe 24 get it. Emo is short for emotional. Here, check it out on Urban Dictionary. (great site, very helpful too, especially if you have a teenager)

Clinton GumI like Clinton, I don't like Bush, I want Clinton back, I don't care who he sleeps with, he wasn't an idiot politically. It's mint

Dum GumThis is, by far, my favourite. On Bush's hands, 'dam good' is written. The ends say, 'As Seen In The White House,' and 'The Corporate Sponsored Brain-Child.' The sides say, '8 Idiot-Proof Pieces,' and 'Minty Madness.' The back is my favourite, 'Endorsed By God *****' 'Don't Debate, Manipulate!' 'Just Chew, Smile, Nod & Profit!' and 'Warning: May Be Harmful To Future Generations' that one is my favourite.

We saw The Illusionist, while we were in line for the tickets, we were talking about it, trying to remember what it was called because all of the movies began with 'the.' This woman in front of us say 'Oh don't see that, my mom and I could hardly stay awake, it's so boring.' I kinda wanted to smack her... I really hate it when people do that, that's why I don't read movie reviews, they ruin the movie for me, and I really think she kind of did too. I loved it, but don't take my word for it, go see it and form your own damn opinions, kay?

I love gouda... and coffee...
I got a haircut today, I love it. Heres a Before and After shot, I'll have another one later with curly hair after. Hopefully it'll look just as good.
Theres more, but blogger wont let me upload any more pictures, since last night actually... so yeah, I'll save it for another post. Buh-bye.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Ummm, I don't think that's right... I would say maybe they're talking about all of blogger but I think it'd be worth more than that.

How come I'm worth so much and yet I still don't have any readers?!

And, hey... Where's my share? Hmm?

Oh, by the way, I figured out that it wasn't Grumperina's blog that I originally found the info about Synthrapol on, it was Purly Whites. In this post, she reviews Baby Cashmere and tells us how she washes it and what she washes it with, Synthrapol. It was, however, a very freaky coincidence that Grumperina has used synthrapol as well.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Holy Progress!

On saturday, my dad and I were off to The Hat for a surprise bash for my g-parents 50th anniversary. What a ball, there was Chinese food for supper and DQ ice cream cake (the fudge is the best part, I eat it last) for dessert. I got a lot of knitting done and again had a chance to talk to my aunts and grandma about knitting. It's refreshing to talk to people who actually understand what I'm saying. My uncle and his wife, dad and me and my aunt Wendy were all there.
On the way there, we drove behind this for about twenty minutes. Sloooow.Then we passed another one on the highway.

Wendy's dog Gracie was there, we gave her a yellow party hat too, she promptly shook it off and chewed it to peices.

The g-parent's cat, Mo/Maurice, got a hat too, he wasn't exactly thrilled...

The ice cream cake was great... but very, very frozen. The knife got stuck in the cake as you can see. (hey, you can see my reflection in the china cabinet!) My uncle was working hard, chiselling away at his peice, using his hand as a hammer.

Knitting news:
In the course of about a day, I managed to start-over and finish one pirate mitten. I'm proud of it. More details when the second one is done.Snazzy, no? It still needs to be washed and maybe blocked, or at least fiddled with a little bit.

Now, for the second edition of Christmas Yarn. It's bright pink, it yarn... that's it.

The other day, I moved my [huge] printer off of my desk and on top of my bookshelf (which, incidentally, has no books on it, just yarn) and put, in it's place, the kitty pi that I made eons ago. Both of the kitties love it and now they can hang out with me without shedding all over my knitting!

Stay tuned to the blog to hear about more Christmas Yarn and whatnot.

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