Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hahaha... oooops.

Mmkay, so, you know how I promised new pictures this post? Well, that's not going to be happening for a little while now.

I kind of accidentally drowned the contents of my small purse in cranberry juice, including my most important electronics. Thankfully, the most expensive one (and only one that I actually paid for myself), my iPod, survived unscathed, just a little sticky. My cellphone and camera, however, are another story.

My cellphone survived, but the battery dies in under a day and the dial pad is kinda messed up, also I can't put my ringer on vibrate, silent or high+vibe.

My camera actually survived pretty well at first, until everything had a chance to dry, now the function wheel will barely turn and as of today, it will no longer turn on.

So, new camera, new cellphone. I wanted new of both eventually anyways, but I would rather have done it on my own terms. So it'll be a while before I have new pictures, at least a couple of months, have to save up for a new camera. I also have to save up for a new phone and figure out how to get it working on the same plan that I have now.

Anyways, in the way of knitting, I have one new project started. I'm almost done the main part of my Shedir. I'm still working on my Noro striped scarf, which I think I need more yarn for. I finished one of the Hello Yarn Twisted Cable bed socks.

Bye for now.

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