Saturday, May 31, 2008


Lilacs are Blooming

Been kinda busy lately, I'm slowly recovering my social life again. I also just started a new job a couple weeks ago.

I have been knitting, I finished my cable twist socks and started a new stole. I'll have pictures soon hopefully.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Away From Home

In Lloydminister
Hey all, I'm in Lloydminister for some family stuff. Just chillin in my motel room. So that means I don't really have any good knitting content (ie photos, I forgot my transfer cord) for you, although I have been knitting.

I brought my dad's socks and my cable twist socks with me. I've been having second thoughts on dad's socks, I'd like to start them again but have them on one long circular instead, I've been doing this with my second cable twist socks and I'm finding that it's going a lot quicker and smoother. I'd also like to start over because I casted on way too flippin tight, it's a shame though, I'm past the heel already. Not a big deal, I wasn't totally happy with them anyway.

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