Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sick day = homework and knitting

I'm home sick again today... I just know the parents are rolling their eyes at this but whatever.

So basically, what I do when I'm home sick is knit and catch up on miles overdue homework crap. So I figured I'd make a quick but long post on my blog, seeing and it kind of falls under both categories.

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! The spring issue of Knitty is out!!! YAYs!!!! Go look!

So I've gotten up to the heel on this sock
I'm making it with this worsted salmony colored yarn that is leftover from a sweater my mom made when she was still knitting. I can't remember my mother ever knitting anything so it must be pretty old. I think its some crummy phentex type stuff, probably won't be very nice feeling on the feet. Oh well, it's going to be my first pair of socks so I guess it doesn't really matter. If your wondering about the bluey tinge, it's my monitor being reflected in the yarn.

Oh, by the by dad, I had to unravel your sock, I realized when I was almost done the leg that I had been doing the whole pattern wrong!!! I was supposed to just knit every other row but I kept doing the pattern, that's probably why the sock was ending up all funny and wonky at the cuff.

I was in Saskatoon for the Easter weekend, visiting my baby nephew. I got his measurments for a sweater that I have now decided not to make. The yarn I had is too expensive so I decided I'm going to make this instead. But instead of it being bright orange, pink and red. It'll be very light pastel yellow and green.

While I was in sask, I was at a Wal-Mart, in the yarn section, and I found this really neat looking discount yarn, factory mill ends. There were six balls per bag. So what did I do? Bought three bags of course... I'm not quite sure what it wants to be yet though... Maybe a pillow? or three...

I also got a big ball of Bernat, something-or-other cotton. I absolutely love the colorway of this yarn!!! It's bright green and yellow and turquoise! I made my aunt a really neat washcloth and I have yet to make my sister two washcloths. If I have enough when I'm done, I'm going to make myself some jaywalkers! Bernat makes another really awesome colorway in this yarn too, it's pink, orange and yellow! Pretty. I'm going to buy a ball of that for socks too.

Speaking of my wonderful aunt... Mom and I stopped at her place on our way back home and she gave me all this really awesome stuff!!!! LOOK!
Hopefully you can see the numbers ok:
1. Bright purple handspun, hand-dyed yarn that she made me a pair of mittens out of when I was a kid.
2. Bright yellow handspun, hand-dyed yarn
3. Very pretty heathery-purple handspun, hand-dyed yarn.
4. Dark heathery-blue handspun, hand-dyed yarn
5. Dark red handspun, hand-dyed wool
6. Dark blue/purple handspun, hand-dyed wool
7. Just old Red Heart acrylic
8. Medium brown handspun, hand-dyed wool
9. Light beige handspun, hand-dyed wool
10. Heathery-magenta handspun, hand-dyed yarn
11. Dark brown handspun, hand-dyed wool
12. Bright purple acrylic
13. Huge flippin' thing of raw wool badly needing to be carded
14. Light grey-blue Chinook carded pure virgin Australian hand knitting wool
15. Black Chinook
16. Same as 14 but in original packaging
17. same as 16
18. White Chinook
19. Same as 15 but in original packaging
20. Really soft grey wool, I think it's been carded... I don't know how to tell...

THANK YOU AUNTIE WENDY!!! And gracie too! (thats her dog, she left little black hairs everywhere!)

Now I really need to get a carder... So that raw wool won't be used for quite some time.

Now, this may seem like a stupid question... but can you re-card wool thats already been spun? Like really really recylcing it?

Another link for today. A new favourite blog of mine, shes very sassy and cool and our kitties are both polydactyls!
GrrLeigh Knits

Anyways, I'm out.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Master of Procrastination and Time Wasting

Okay, I'm at school again so still no pictures on anything.

I am working on a post of a whole bunch of links and comments about websites/blogs I found. That's going to take a while, I have a lot and hopefully I'll be able to finish before my computer totally and completely crashes. I don't have space on my computer to bookmark all that crap.

I've been busy and tired lately, I'm moving myself into another area of the house and my mom and I are buying a whole bunch of new furniture... Heavy furniture. I now have a double mattress, it'll be SO nice to sleep on it. (hopefully my bed will be set up by tonight)

I'm leaving for Saskatoon tomorrow at noon and my sister doesn't have the internet so I'll see if I can finish a couple posts tonight at home, I definitely have to finish the link-full one.

In other news, my mom helped me rip up a big ol' piece of bright green fabric into strips and tie it into knots and wrap it into a ball. I'm knitting it into a make-up bag at the moment, but it has a few design flaws so I think maybe I'll frog it and make something new. Probably another makeup bag.

I'm noticing some trends in my knitting lately.... Green yarn, blue needles... hmm, coincidence?

I got this sample Creative Knitting magazine and I want to make a boucle tunic out of this dark purple boucle stuff I have that I decided not to use for a certain project, I just need to find some fine-weight dark purple cotton for the other parts... I also want to make a kids hoodie that looks really easy and quick. (for my nephew) It made of this bernat baby boucle stuff in a main color (they used lemon) and a trim. (they used white) It's got a pointed hood which I think looks really cute on kids. I just have to buy the yarn, make sure I have the right needles and get his chest measurements when I get out there so I make the right size... He's a big baby... He's not fat but he's really tall... He's growing really fast...

Also, I really need to find my camera... My moms moving shit around so I don't know if I put it somewhere or if it's buried in one of the many boxes in my living room.

Anyways, I'll try my best to get some real posts up when I get home tonight. I was supposed to stay after school for science help but my science teacher went home sick today.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Easter Egged gangsta..

I'm at school right now, so i still have no pictures for the blog, but I'll see if I can't get something on here tonight. I'm on a laptop right now... I really want a laptop...

At my house, right now, there are people putting linoleum down in my laundry room. They're also putting underlay underneath the carpet in the main basement room. I hope soon I can move down there.

Anyways, I should probably start doing some working, we actually have a interesting assignment today.


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