Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still here.

I'm still here.

I think it's funny how, every time I come back and say I'm back for good, I make a couple of lame posts then bugger off again.

A part of the reason is that I've started working full time a couple of weeks ago. I love my job and I'm having a lot of fun and I love the fatter pay cheque, but I don't find myself having all that much time to do stuff anymore. I guess I just have to get into the swing of things.

I have been knitting, I went to BC and brought back yarn. That was a lot of fun. That's an important story and I really need to post about that. It's very knitting related in parts.

Let's see, what have I been knitting lately. List time?

- Shedir Hat
- Noro Scarf (adapted from this which I think is adapted from something else...)
- Cable Twist Bed Socks

I have a lot of new yarn to post about, I might be able to post some of it in this post, but I still need to take pictures of some of the newer stuff.

Shoot, I don't have any pictures of any of the new stuff... I'll show you newish stuff that hasn't been talked about on the blog yet then..

Socks That Rock Lightweight in Firebird.
From the Rockin' Rock Club.

Socks That Rock Silkie in Walking on the Wild Tide.
Also from Rockin Sock Club.

This sock has since been finished, need to start the other sock. It's kinda hard to get on my foot, very snug. Maybe it'll be better with a block?

Knee high sock. Has been frogged. Made me feel chubby. Nuff said.

This is a lot bigger now, I think I have almost all of the repeats done. I need it done soon, it's getting cold out there!

I have received another Sock Club instalment since pictures have been taken. I'll try to take some pictures this weekend, hopefully the weather will be decent.

I also want to make this a lot. Is that not freakin gorgeous?

Well I have to get off to bed. Night.

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