Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Flurries?

I figured, since everyone else is doing it, I'd show you a ground shot of Calgary's progress on spring.
Yeah, we're not doing as good, it's been snowing every day. I found a little melted patch on my backyard lawn and the rest is all snow. (see how my Merrel treads are snowflakes?? Cute huh?)

Here's some progress/detail shots of Dad's orange socks, I'm past the heel now.
Dad's Sock
Dad's Sock - Detail ShotDad's Sock - Detail Shot

Before I go, you must see pictures of my new baby MacBook!
Click to enlarge. He's a pretty one.

ETA: Sorry about the new layout guys, the template that I had was cutting off my pictures so I've switched to a boring but wider one for now. Hopefully I'll have a nice new one up soon. I just have to figure out how the hell this whole switching templates thing works.


ETA3: I think I'm pretty much done fixing things, let me know what you think!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am pretty sick, I haven't been able to talk since yesterday morning and I'm coughing like crazy...

Somebody come make me some soup...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Keeping my word

I seem to be doing okay at this blogging regularly thing.

Here's that modeled shot of the Montego Bay scarf I promised:
Montego Bay Scarf
Yeah, I'm terrible at taking pictures of myself. Also, that mirror is filthy. Some day I'll have a better one, but for now, that'll have to do.

This is the wrap for my mother that I've been working on for I think two years. I'd have it done by now but I'm having hard time staying motivated, all I've got left is the ties. It's only 1x1 ribbing but I'm finding it excruciatingly boring.
Mom's Wrap
It's nice though, I think it'll look great on my mom.

This is my version of the Anthropologie Inspired capelet. I'm really liking this project so far, it's working up lightning fast because of the bulky yarn.
Anthropologie Inspired CapeletPretty Brooch
The brooch is pretty, no? I found it in my room one day while I was trying to get a little organized. I'm planning to use it as a closure for the capelet instead of a button or something. It's also got a little dangly pearl drop on the bottom.

I think that's all I've got for you right now, see you later.

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