Monday, November 06, 2006

Ho hum... I just got back from a trip to the mailbox to check for my copy of Interweave knits. Subscribers in the United States seem to have received their's already, last week on thursday or friday. I've decided to make a trip to the mailbox every day until I get it. If it comes really late like last time, I will be reporting it. On further review, it wasn't all that heinously late. It still should have come before the tenth though, it was on newsstands one the eighth. I mean, you ship out on the first, it takes a day or two for it to get to the Americans, then it should only take another day or two to get to Canada!

I also wore my single skully mitten to the mailbox... I don't think I'm going to make the other one. It's not very warm. I got a total sinking feeling when I felt the cold wafting through the apparently lacy little mitt. Bummer...

I gone now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two in one day? What the hell.

This is really a pretty pointless post, but I just remembered something.

Last night I had a dream about fondant... Or maybe it was icing. Actually, it might have been kind of a mix of the two....

PS I'm really into this song right now. It's Falling Away From Me by koRn. Actually, it's mostly twenty specific seconds of the song, about two minutes and thirty seconds in, there's a really great harmonic thing they do. I like koRn. The whole song is good, but I like those twenty seconds best. Some other good koRn songs are 'Twisted Transistor', 'Thoughtless', and they do a really awesome (pretty!) cover of 'Another Brick in the Wall'. prettyprettypretty...


I got bored...

MyHeritage - share your family tree and family pictures" target="_blank">
Anna Paquin looks anemic... and Fiona Apple and Christina Applegate look like crackwhores... Great, I look like an anemic crackwhore! Yay...

ETA oops, it doesn't really fit, does it?... oh well, you get the point

I did it again with another photo... NOw it tells me I look like Charlize Theron (yay!) and nine other men! (whaaa??)

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I miss the Logan-ator...

I've watched that movie at least four times today. It just makes me so giddy.

So I kinda forgot just a little about blogger... I've been busy. Lots of baking... Other stuff too.

First up; the Lemon and Almond Damp Cake
It turned out really great. If your still having trouble figuring out what a 'damp' cake is, think of it as the kind that's moist enough that you can smush the leftover crumbs together. In this picture you see it with some pink lemonade (I think I was on a dangerous lemon kick that day.)

Next up; Lemon curd.This was good too. Unlike the cake, I still have most of this left. (the cake is all gone now) I ended up using the measurements form this recipe and the instructions from this one. The reason being, not only would the second one give me waaay too much curd, but how the hell am I supposed to know how many lemons I need to make 12 tbsp of juice and 12 tsp of zest?! This also took forever to cook because you have to wait for it to thicken on the lowest heat setting (because was using a regular saucepan, not a double one) and, as we all know, Katie is not a patient girl.

I have been working on things, more Christmas stuff. I've started the red alpaca project. Taken the proejct taking up my size 3 DPNs of them and now that yarn is lying in wait too. I've got three projects going that are for me, the orange socks, a garter-stitch scarf out of the hemp leftover from the maze hat and a garter-stitch scarf on the second-biggest needles I own out of two strands of thrifted blue mohair.

This picture was supposed to be of my cats, but the garter-stitch scarf is in there so I figured I'd post it.

I've also been shopping all day. Online. It started with looking for Green & Blacks chocolate, then looking at a Fair Trade site I came across, then feverishly looking for some bloody store that ships the damn stuff to friggin Canada!!!! My god... I finally found one... it's a messy and disorganized site, but it ships to Canada.

Badum, I'm done.

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